Antike flooring

Slip Resistant treatment system from APGExtreme

APGExtreme introduces the newest way of slip resistant treating floors in-situ without the need for harsh chemicals or highly problematic sealers; The ANTIKE diamond brush system.

Perfect for external areas, wet areas or those requiring low slip rating; The ANTIKE diamond brush system has the following benefits.

  • Environmentally friendly – uses water only
  • Economic – Low material cost, easy process
  • Fast – 1-2 passes with the machine creates the slip resistant surface
  • Consistent finish – Not patchy and uneven like most acid treatments
  • Permanent – Doesn’t break down and become slippery again like sealers

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Antike Diamond Brushes | 100mm

Ideal for converting glossy floors into anti-slip floors
Size – 100mm
Use – Wet

Antike Diamond Brushes | 200mm

Ideal for converting glossy floors into anti-slip floors
Size – 200mm
Use – Wet

Antike Diamond Brushes | 240mm

Ideal for converting glossy floors into anti-slip floors
Size – 240mm
Use – Wet

What are they?

Antike brushes feature a diamond grit fused into a brush based filament to allow the brushes to ‘machine’ a smooth and polished surface that is slippery into an antislip flooring in an easy and non hazardous way. These brushes are available in 30, 70 and 120 grits and can work on nearly all types of stone, concrete and timber flooring.

How does they work?

The diamond brushes are fitted underneath a machine to mechanically wear out the softer parts of the stone and leave the harder part of the stone proud of the surface, creating microscopic undulations in the floor which generates significant antislip.

Prevent Slip fall accidents

How much slip resistant do you want your floor?

Slip Testing & Indicative Results after Treating Tiles with the APGExtreme Antike System

Recently we invited Mr Mark McKay from Slip Test NSW to test a variety of flooring that we treated with the Klindex Antike System. Indicative test results were taken for the flooring that was treated and should prove as a guide on what can be expected. Results may differ due to density of stone and technique used by the operator.

Sliptest NSW has performed these test with reference to the following Australian Standard testing criteria, of the standard as listed below, and HB 198: 2014

  • AS 4586:2013 Slip Resistance measurement of new pedestrian surfaces
  • Appendix A – Wet Pendulum Test Method
  • Testing performed using the Type 96 rubber slider material

Slip Testing results on polished concrete

Slip Testing results on Granite

Slip Testing results on Marble

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Checkout how the APGExtreme anti-slip system turns your slippery floor into a slip resistant floor.

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Achieving flat floors with Klindex Expander

The Expander range of floor grinders to give the ultimate FLAT FLOOR. First, they have a fixed planetary gear driven head that works to grind all flooring surfaces flat.

The adjustable working pressure feature allow the operator to manually adjust the working pressure of the planetary head for improved the grinding production rate and it also assures a flatter result. And the spring attachments force the weight of the chassis onto the working area allowing the machine to have some slight movement during the grinding work, but always focusing the downward grinding pressure.

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Watch how our machines grind and polish different floors

Concrete floors

Granite floors

Marble floors

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